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Product Development

Precise Cast Machined Plastic Parts


New Product Development


Product Cycle Times

Average product development cycle times have decreased within the last two decades from about 24 months to 12 months. Today steps between the launch of one product and its replacement often overlap. Concurrent engineering is one tactic companies are using to reduce cycle times.


Concurrent Engineering

The goal of concurrent engineering is to develop a product collaboratively – with participation from various company departments and outside vendors. This way problems in design and manufacturability can be spotted early. Let us be an extension of your product development team and take advantage of our metal casting and machining knowledge and experience.

Part design considerations – regardless of whether you are focused on application requirements, aesthetics, or both, our experienced engineers can be a great resource.

Different manufacturing processes play a big role in determining production schedules and total project costs. When it comes to casting it is a good idea to periodically reevaluate process options. We can provide you cost quotes on a range of production quantity orders, which can help you weigh the difference in cost between a one-time production run or multiple short runs.