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Corporate Responsibility

Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering Corporate


Corporate Responsibility is Fundamental to our Culture

We are dedicated to ethical and responsible business practices. Our business is built upon the foundation of partnering with customers to achieve prosperity. To this end we:

  • Take an integrated and systematic approach to risk management to produce our customers parts on-time
  • Invest heavily in software, hardware, equipment, and training to assure our clients benefit from the latest technologies
  • Continuously strive to understand industry trends, changes, and challenges facing our customers in order to better meet their needs

Corporate Ethics and Governance

Our corporate values guide our employees in making informed business decisions and forming solid partnerships with our customers. If you have any concerns regarding our policies please contact our offices.


Employee Health & Safety

We implement consistent and rigorous environmental health and safety policies designed to protect the environment, safeguard employees, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Community Engagement

We believe the success of our company is directly related to the health of our community. As a result, we are committed to making investments of time, money, and volunteer expertise in organizations that help solve some of society’s toughest challenges and help improve the quality of life in our communities.