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Agricultural Castings | Rapid Prototyping

Quality Agricultural Castings, Fast.

Since 2001 Precise Cast has been an Agriculture and Farming equipment manufacturer and supplier for the North American market.

We have provided thousands of parts for tractors, balers, plows, combines, and many other agricultural machining parts. 

The part types range from delicate electronic housings to rugged transmission housings, and many types of parts in between. 

We also offer secondary machining, grinding, and polishing or our metal castings.


Agricultural Casting Materials

Built for quality for your hardest jobs

We produce custom prototypes or low-volume castings for quality and cost-efficiency. We understand the need for durability because of the rugged use of agricultural and farming equipment.

This is why we offer a variety of metals and alloys offering design flexibility, strength, and durability. Learn more about aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloys for your agricultural needs.

magesium element

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magesium element

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magesium element

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Agricultural Casting Methods

All parts included precision machining to exacting specifications.

Sand Casting

Precise Cast provides cost-efficient sand castings and prototype castings.

The benefits of sand casting for agriculture and farming equipment

Ability to accommodate complex shapes

Options for very large parts

Low-cost tooling vs Die casting

Fast lead teams

Match plate sand casting

Low-volume Production

Improve your bottom line

Talk to the experts in agricultural and farming equipment manufacturing. We provide low-volume agricultural castings and machined parts for many companies throughout the North American market.

Work with us in the confidence of quality castings, fast delivery, and manufacturing for your

Low-volume Manufacturing | Prototype Castings | CNC Machining

low volume manufacturing

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Metal Casting Company

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CNC machining prototyping service

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Precision Machining Services for Agricultural Equipment

All parts included precision machining to exacting specifications.

CNC machining

Low-volume production and rapid prototyping options available.

We understand our customer’s high demands for tight tolerances and high precision machining for their agricultural and farming equipment.

We utilize multi-axis Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machining methods, with tolerances of up to +/-.0002”.

Learn more about our CNC machining services

Custom CNC Machining 

Benefits of CNC Machining 

Our Customers Are Top Priority

We already work with some of the biggest names in agricultural and farming equipment.

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john deere prototype casting
cat prototype casting
john deere prototype casting
john deere prototype casting
john deere prototype casting