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Who We Are

For over 20 years, Precise Cast has been producing Architectural castings from the North American market. Let us handle your next project. Our expertise ensures you get the best price and quickest turnarounds.

Custom Castings

Our architectural castings are made from high-quality aluminum, zinc, or magnesium metal castings.

We provide metal casting work to architects, engineering companies, and construction firms.

If you’re looking for Architectural castings we’re the company to call. Whether large or small, our Foundry can meet our customer’s most demanding needs.  We have been casting products for the construction industry since 2004.

Large Aluminum Castings

Providing Architectural castings used for both interior and exterior use in and on buildings.

Your custom metal castings deserve the best quality and unique architectural castings. At Precise Cast, you will find a wide range of architectural aluminum, zinc. and magnesium casting services for a variety of projects.

For extra-large metal castings, contact our team of experts to get pricing and capabilities.

Sand casting mold
sand casting

Casting Methods

Rubber Plaster Mold or Sand Casting Process which is cost-effective and efficient in delivering exceptional castings for our customers.

Machining Of Metal Castings

Precise Cast also offers an in-house CNC Machine shop with various axis abilities. We are able to cast and machine our customer’s most demanding geometric shapes.

cnc machining company


Wall thickness of .020″ is possible depending on the geometry
Zero draft required on features
Undercuts possible
Multiple cores/slides
Geometry that is typically associated with investment casting can be produced

Mechanical Properties:
Tensile, Yield, Elongation – per the specified commercial and military specifications.
(AMS 2175 & AMSA21180)

Inspection / Reporting:
Full dimensional inspection capability
Mil-Spec inspection
Certification and documentation as requested

Our Customers 

osram sylvania prototype casting
osram sylvania prototype casting
northwest prototypes
lockheed prototype casting

What We’ve Done

Metal Castings for Architectural Components

From historical reproduction fence posts (used at one of the state parks overlooking the Statue of Liberty) to cast-aluminum building trim pieces located on the Weston Hotel at Denver International Airport.


Architectural Metals

Our architectural castings are made from high-quality aluminum, Zinc, and magnesium metal castings.




Our Metals


Learn more about the benefits and uses of aluminum

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We use zinc and zinc alloys in our metal castings

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Lightweight and incredibly strong. Explore more about magnesium

Custom Aluminum Castings

Precise Cast has provided such sundry items as custom “art” castings used in local government buildings to airplane castings used by a small regional airport.

For either decorative or functional architectural castings, contact Precise Cast for your prototype or low-volume production project.