Automation, Controls, and Robotics

From structures to heat exchangers to armatures to enclosures, castings play a vital role in the production of a myriad of parts in the Automation, Controls, and Robotics arena.

Precise Cast also supplies billet, fully CNC machined components for prototypes, one of a kind assemblies, on up through limited annual production runs.

Aluminum’s and magnesium’s combination of mechanical properties and component weight, make then excellent choices to produce 100% recyclable parts, in the near infinite shapes encountered in the Automation, Controls, and Robotics space.

Precise Cast can also supply CNC machined parts in virtually any available material required by unique applications.

High quality castings combined with in-house, high precision post machining operations and inspection, yield production quality parts in prototype timelines.

Producing a one of a kind lab scale particle accelerator, or prototype robotic joint assemblies, or production microscope housings, Precise Cast has the experience, and tools in place, to support all the requirements of Automation, Controls, and Robotics.