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Based near Denver, CO, Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering provides quality automotive prototypes and metal castings to many automotive industries in the North American market.

Whether casting an aluminum engine block or rapid prototyping automotive parts, our team is dedicated to every aspect of your project.



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Why Build Automobiles With Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys?

The automotive and trucking industries are increasingly using lightweight aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys for many components previously made from steel and cast iron.

Reducing mass directly impacts fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and provides additional benefits related to acceleration, braking, handling, and driving comfort.

According to The Aluminum Association, the use of aluminum in 2009 cars averaged 8.6 % by weight; up from 5.1% in 1990. The use of magnesium also increased during this period.


Aluminum and Magnesium Benefits

Aluminum and magnesium castings will continue to displace steel to lower vehicle manufacturing costs, improve vehicle weight distribution, increase the range of electric and hybrid vehicles, and improve fuel economy.

Many manufacturers are using aluminum and magnesium to their advantage. Talk to our metal experts to learn more about these metals or get started on your next project.



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Metal Casting Processes

Real metal castings in aluminum, magnesium, or zinc alloys. We have two metal casting processes- Sand mold casting and Plaster Mold Casting- to produce your automotive parts.

Sand Casting

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Plaster Mold Casting

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Rapid Prototyping  Automotive

Rapid prototyping isn’t just 3D printing at Precise Cast. We employ sand castings, plaster mold casting, and CNC machining in our rapid prototype strategy, producing real metal castings for our customers.

This type of prototyping offers our customers the true look and feel of their finalized parts. Many of our customers use their prototype pieces as production parts.

Smooth Finish–  Unlike other foundries, we use a unique type of fine-grain sand for our sand cast parts and can get a Ra finish of 120-220! We also provide machining of our cast parts.

Precise Cast produces automotive prototype car parts, rapid aluminum prototypes, cylinder head sand casting, sand-cast engine blocks, and much more!


CNC Denver machine shop

 CNC Machining

We can machine any castings with our in-house CNC machine shop. We offer 3-,4-and 5-axis machining to handle our customer’s most demanding needs.

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Auto Casting Part Quotes

Precise Cast is a long-time standing non-ferrous foundry and CNC Machine shop near Denver, Colorado. We work with top companies like yours and are ready to answer any questions you have about your automotive prototype or metal casting.

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