Manufacturing and Consumer Goods

Precise Cast’s cast and CNC billet machined parts are found throughout the Manufacturing and Consumer Goods market sector.

Manufacturing line components and assembly structures are often produce from aluminum, taking advantage of is excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Housing and internal armatures in various Consumer Goods, also take advantage of the properties of aluminum castings, including its economic advantage in large production numbers.

While PreciseCast is primarily a Rapid Prototype company and Gap/Low-Volume Production specialist manufacturer, we also have relationships in place to seamlessly move from the proof of concept, to full die cast production in EAUs from 1,000 to 100,000 units.  This includes all secondary operations (such as CNC machining and coatings) completed, with a single point of suppler contact.

Light metals are an easy move toward green production with 100% recyclability.

With the correct accounting for different densities, end-of-life recycling, and use stage efficiency gains, aluminum parts present a very competitive cradle-to-gate carbon footprint advantage over higher density materials.  Approximately 91% of all aluminum parts, in cross industry averaging, are recycled and returned to the production stream, presenting a huge energy saving in new, reclaimed content parts compared to the use of virgin, newly mined raw material.

In addition to aluminum castings and machined billet products, we also produce fully-recyclable magnesium and zinc castings and billet products.