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Aluminum Casting Foundry

aluminum Casting Foundry

Aluminum Casting Foundry 

Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering is an American aluminum casting foundry located near Denver, Colorado. We are a full-service non-ferrous foundry offering added value services with our in-house CNC  3-, 4-, 5 -axis machining, heat tempering, powder coating, and prototype castings. 

We excel in creating critical components for manufactured goods and prototypes. We offer Aluminum sand castings and plaster mold metal castings.

Metal Casting Design Assitance 

Our teams work hard for you right from the start. We review every CAD or similar file for design enhancements, flaws, and manufacturing optimization prior to production. We help determine the most effective combination of alloys, casting methods, and heat treatments for your project. You will work with knowledgeable Engineers who are ready to answer your questions about metal castings and machining services all in our FREE consultation



“… their consistent track record of a quick turn around time and high quality help us to get new products validated and to market faster…”

G.T., Mechanical Engineer

Aluminum Casting Capabilities


We have a wide range of aluminum casting capabilities and can meet most demands for low-volume production parts. Most times our customers will use prototype parts as production parts because of the high quality and care taken into each of our aluminum castings.  We are equipped to handle the further treatment of your metal castings with our in-house 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining service, heat treatment, surface finishes services, and testing. 

Aluminum Casting Foundry, Our Signature Trait

We plan on being with you for the long haul. That means making sure we take care of our customers from the moment we review your Request for a Metal Casting Quote to post-production follow-up.

Tooling at no additional cost to you!

We provide perpetual tooling for all our products. You will never have to pay another tooling cost for worn-out tooling As long as Precise Cast is providing the parts, we will continue to produce more tools (as required) to make your parts at No Additional Cost to YOU!

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