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Published: 19 Mar, 2021

American Manufacturing

By: M.Hagaman | Updated April 2022| 10 minute read

American Manufacturing. A look at America as an exporter, manufacturing statistics, and what products are made in America.

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American Manufacturing

America the Beautiful. The tune manifests beautiful imagery of clear, cloudless blue skies, the rugged dark purple tips of the Rocky Mountain terrain, and rolling hills of grain.

A song written and inspired by the beauty of America.

But yet something is missing from that tune. A silent heartbeat that pumps life through our majestic country.

A sound many people don’t listen for or know exists.

That is the sound of clacking metal. The swift sow of a needle and thread. The pound of a hammer or the smooth pour of liquid metal.

The hard breath and wiped sweat of the hardworking men and women of the American manufacturing companies.

Sounds that many people can’t hear, but this is the song to over half a million people in this country. The true tune of America at its best.


American Manufacturing Statistics

America is an exporter. It is a big part of the global supply chain. In fact, there are many companies in America that make products for export around the world.

From giant transportation hubs to smaller machine shops, today’s manufacturing facilities are producing more than ever before.

In the last five years, American manufacturing output has reached the highest levels in over a decade.

Even though time and money have caused many manufacturing companies to outsource overseas, many companies are looking for all American manufacturing and supply chains.

New statistics from “Casting Source Magazine” predict American Manufacturing companies are expected to grow 7.5% by 2025.

With the recent push for “American Made ” and the search for manufacturing in the US, many companies and retailers have been feeling the stress of lack of parts and products due to supply chain issues from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Americans have learned firsthand how important American manufacturing is to our infrastructure, businesses, and demand for critical parts.


3D printing for Robotic Prototyping

American Manufactueres

America is home to many types of manufacturing companies. Some are highly automated, employing hundreds of machines and technicians; others run more manually.

Regardless of size or technology, they’re all part of a tightly linked global supply chain.

For example, let’s look at 3M. This American manufacturing company produces thousands of specialized adhesives, medical supplies, home cleaning supplies, electronic components, and other parts for its customers. 3M has a global reach and is a major link in global supply chains.

Another example is Apple. This massive company can be found in almost every household worldwide. From computers, tablets, phones, and streaming services. Apple is one of many American companies that think big by making products that are used by everyone.

But many companies have a hand in keeping production local. Think about how one car depends on parts from around the world to go together — and yet, assembly happens right here at home.

Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering is a local American manufacturing company near Denver, Colorado. We work with many fortune 500 companies in the North American market.

Because of our central location, we have easy coast-to-coast reach and are helping companies struggling with supply chain distributions.

We specialize in Rapid Prototyping, Metal Castings, and CNC Machining. We produce complex metal castings for many industries:

rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing

What Products are Made in America?

Does America manufacture anything? Though a vast majority of companies have outsourced their manufacturing overseas, there is still plenty of support for businesses that pursue American manufacturing.

Some examples of products that are still manufactured here in the U.S are Harley Davidson, Crayola Crayons, Kitchen Aid, and Pyrex.

Using platforms like Alliance for American Manufacturing You can research companies to see who manufactures their products and consider switching to companies that support American-made.

American manufacturing companies

Sing To The Tune Of Manufacturing

The next time you look up at our crystal blue skies, stretch your sights across our majestic mountain tops, and breathe in those rolling waves of grain–listen for the heartbeat.

The sound is beating strong and hard–working to keep this country alive. Shop local. Buy local. Support local.

You too will become a part of American manufacturing.

Need an American Manufacturer?

If you have metal casting or CNC machining needs please contact us. Be sure to check out our Non-Ferrous Foundry and our capabilities.

American Manufacturing

Preicse Cast Prototpypes and Engineering

We are an American manufacturing company near Denver, CO. Our focus is Rapid Prototyping and Low-Volmue Manufacturing.

We specialize in aluminum, zinc, and magnesium metal castings. We also offer the newest technology in our in-house CNC machine shop.

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