Author: Marzeyeh Hagaman

Author: Marzeyeh Hagaman

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Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering

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Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering is an American-based manufacturing company near Denver, Colorado. We focus on Rapid Prototyping and Low-volume manufacturing. We specialize in Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium castings and have an in-house CNC machine shop.

Published: 25 Aug, 2021

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Automotive Prototype and Parts Manufacturing

Aluminum castings for the automotive industry

Automotive prototyping and parts manufacturing


In recent decades the use of aluminum in automotive parts has been in high demand. Although steel is still the primary choice for automotive parts, this incline is proving aluminum can be a better choice in automotive prototypes and parts. Many companies are electing aluminum alloys for many reasons, including recyclability, safety, and cost-efficiency.

In this blog, let us explore more about the aluminum castings processes for automotive parts, aluminum casting products, and the benefits of aluminum for automotive parts.

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Aluminum Casting Processes


Here at Precise Cast, we utilize two very effective processes for automotive parts and manufacturing; Sand casting and CNC machining.

We work directly with product developers to review CAD or similar models for part optimization and manufacturer efficiency. Our team can also help design CAD models for production or prototype parts if one was not drafted originally.

After the model has been created, we use FEA analysis and simulations to test and monitor parts performance prior to casting or machining. Providing this service guarantees parts efficiency.


Sand castings for Automotive Parts


Because it’s a straightforward and simples process, Sand-cast parts can be the most efficient and cost-effective method for automotive prototype and parts manufacturing.

Sand casting provides short lead times (usually 1-2 weeks) and parts in a few days. At Precise Cast, we offer low-volume manufacturing up to 1,000 units a month for castings, which also makes sand casting a great choice for low-volume manufacturing.

When you use aluminum castings or machined parts for automotive you are reducing the lead time for your parts, getting your products to market faster, without the loss of quality.

Precise Cast Unique Approach to Sand Casting


Unlike many other foundries, we use special fine-grain sand that helps us produce parts with a Ra finish of 120-220, helping save on additional machining needs.

However, we do offer machining for smoother surfaces or tighter tolerances that are not achievable with sand casting.

We provide quality automotive sand castings for many companies including Tesla, Cadillac, GM, and many more!

You can learn more about Precise Casts’ step-by-step sand-casting processes here and the parts we build for the automotive industry here.


CNC Machining for Automotive Prototype and Parts Manufacturing


At Precise Cast, we can CNC Machine our metal cast parts right in house. Having our in-house modern and well-equipped CNC machine shop means you won’t be outsourced on your project and we see projects from start to finish.

Precise cast has 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis machines that can meet our customer’s most demanding complex shapes or tolerances. And because of our expertise in alloys, we can help select the best machining material for your automotive parts.

CNC-machining-for-automotive parts

Aluminum Castings For Automotive Parts


Aluminum and zinc are replacing many interiors, exterior, and functionality parts in the automotive world today.

Aluminum castings for automotive parts can result in less labor because it’s simpler to form than die casts. Helping save on labor costs associated with tooling and production.

At Precise Cast, we produce Cylinder blocks, engine blocks, transmission cases, and components, electric motor housings and covers, steering columns, and much more! Learn more about our automotive prototype and parts manufacturing here 

aluminum-castings-for-automotive parts

Benefits of Aluminum in Automotive Prototype and Parts Manufacturing


Aluminum is becoming more popular to replace steel as a base metal for car frames and as it absorbs more than 50% of collision energy compared to mild steel.

Aluminum offers less corrosion and is more lightweight than steel, which offers greater density and provides better dent resistance.

An additional benefit of aluminum auto parts is the lightweight material, this makes automotive accelerate faster, brake quicker, and can be more fuel-efficient.


Aluminum is Helping Save Our Planet


Environmental advocates and all of us who just so happen to love living on planet Earth can really appreciate the recyclability of aluminum auto parts.  90% of a vehicle can be recycled and 500,000 tons of aluminum scrap is recovered and recycled each year.

Precise cast partners with our local recycling company and you can learn more about their company and recycling program here.

In the end, you can see why aluminum is a great choice for automotive prototypes and parts manufacturing. It offers great safety benefits, environmental advantages, and fast lead times. Contact our team to get started on your next automotive manufacturing parts.