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Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering

Published: 25 Aug, 2021

Automotive Prototyping

5-minute read | Updated July 2022

Automotive prototyping is one of the most important parts of automotive design. Prototyping helps to develop a clear idea of the product by providing a realistic model for evaluation.

Automotive prototyping and parts manufacturing


Automotive Prototyping Process

The automotive industry is one that constantly uses prototypes. The prototyping process allows companies to fabricate early-stage vehicle manufacturing parts and internal and external components.

Automotive prototypes are typically made by casting a finished piece of metal to be used as a mold for the first casting of an automobile.

The parts are then sent to the foundry where they are cast using a variety of casting methods dependent on the foundry.

Automotive prototyping

Tesla prototype parts produced by Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering 

Prototype Manufactueres

Finding the best manufacturer for automotive prototypes helps ensure product quality and delivery.

It’s essential to create an effective prototype that will get your new product to market quickly and with high-quality results.

Foundries like Precise Cast work directly with product developers to review CAD or similar models for part optimization and manufacturer efficiency.

Precise Casts engineering teams can also help design CAD models for production or prototype parts if one was not drafted originally.

After the model has been created, FEA analysis and simulations are used to test and monitor parts’ performance prior to casting or machining.

You can contact Precise Cast directly or use Metal Casting directories to connect with other prototype manufacturers.

CAT prototype parts produced by Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering

Automotive Prototyping Services

 A few very effective processes for automotive parts and manufacturing is Plaster Mold Casting, No Bake Sand CastingInjection Molding, Rapid Prototyping, and CNC Machining.

Precise Cast offers precision auto parts using Rapid Prototyping and Metal Casting processes.  Our capabilities include engine parts made from Aluminum metal castings or machining.

Automotive prototypes such as fenders and other body parts are made using metal casting. We offer many automotive prototype parts plus no-bake sand casting engine blocks and short-term times.


No-Bake Sand Casting cases and processes

No-Bake Sand castings for Automotive Parts

Because it’s a straightforward and simple process, Sand-cast parts can be the most efficient and cost-effective method for automotive prototype and parts manufacturing.

No-Bake Sand casting provides short lead times (usually 1-2 weeks) and parts in a few days.

Unlike many other foundries, Precise Cast uses special fine-grain sand that helps produce parts with a Ra finish of 120-220, helping save on additional machining needs.

Machining can be offered for smoother surfaces or tighter tolerances that are not achievable with sand casting.

At Precise Cast, we offer low-volume manufacturing of up to 1,000 units a month for castings, which also makes sand casting a great choice for low-volume manufacturing. We provide quality automotive sand castings for many companies including Tesla, Cadillac, GM, and many more.

Precise cast automotive prototype capabilities include Sand casting engine blocks, cylinder heads, brake components, electronic housing and covers, and much more.

You can learn more about Precise Casts’ step-by-step sand-casting processes here and the parts we build for the automotive industry here.

Harley Davidson prototype parts produced by Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering


Precision Auto Parts and Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional computer model. 

It is often used to generate automotive prototypes and quick-turn manufacturing as well as parts that have been repaired/replaced during vehicle manufacturing.

As a result, there are many material choices in an automotive prototyping process to best fit your needs: clear materials, opaque plastics, and metals that can be finished with textures, graphics, or text..

Rapid prototyping offers shorter turn and production times. Using rapid prototyping and a metal casting company like Precise Cast with all our in-house capabilities gets products to market faster by lowering other supply chain needs.

Companies That Make Prototypes 

When selecting a precision prototyping company consider the design, development, and manufacturing of both plastic and metal prototypes.

Researching the company’s quick turnaround time is the perfect solution for your tight deadlines. Also, in-house capabilities prevent strain on supply chain needs. 

Preicse Cast Prototpypes and Engineering

We are an American manufacturing company near Denver, CO. Our focus is Rapid Prototyping and Low-Volmue Manufacturing.

We specialize in aluminum, zinc, and magnesium metal castings. We also offer the newest technology in our in-house CNC machine shop.

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