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Aluminum Casting Foundry

Non-ferrous foundry centrally located near Denver, CO.

Serving the North American markets with low-volume production metal castings






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Cast aluminum foundry part

Aluminum castings are an efficient way to manufacture many low-volume parts. 

At Precise Cast, we use two types of processes for our cast aluminum. Sand mold casting and Plaster Mold Metal Castings.

Our dedication to quality comes before your parts are casts. Our team will review your CAD or similar model and search for any design flaws prior to production.

We work closely with product developers to produce your parts and consider your time and money in every production.



Casting Aluminum in Plaster

We have the skills and expertise in casting aluminum in plaster. We use plaster molds to pour liquid metal inside and reach the desired geometric shapes and tolerances.

Learn more about plaster casting aluminum and metal casting plaster.

Aluminum Sand Casting Foundry

Sand casting is another process we use in our aluminum casting foundry. The Aluminum castings process is a cost-effective solution to low-volume production or rapid prototyping.

Learn more about aluminum sand casting.

Advantages of metal castings

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Here at Precise Cast, we pride ourselves on being a responsive and thorough company, providing exceptional metal castings. Start your project with the best aluminum casting foundry now!

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