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Is your company considering Zinc castings for your prototype or low-volume part? Are you looking for a zinc parts manufacture?  Do you want to know more about casting zinc? Here at Precise Cast, we can answer all your questions about casting zinc.


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Benefits of Zinc Alloy

Zinc castings can offer many benefits including speed, production options, and design flexibility.  Our engineering team works directly with your product developers to maximize cost-effectiveness, speed, and quality concerns for your parts. Learn more about casting zinc and talk to one of our metal experts to get started on your project!


Zinc Alloy is strong and stable. It has thermal conductivity properties, is corrosion-resistant, and also is recyclable.


Zinc Casting production rates are faster than Aluminum or Mangenizum


Zinc parts are used by heavy equipment manufacturers for agricultural, military, mining, and industrial applications.

Production Options

Various production processes available based on product size  and quantities

zinc castings
zinc castings
zinc casting

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“… The knowledgeable staff and dependable service make them a business partner that I can depend on with our most important project needs.”

E.L., Mechanical Design Engineer

Benefits Of Working With Precise Cast

Precise Cast strives to be the #1 zinc parts manufacturer providing high-quality zinc casting for the North American market. Casting Zinc parts requires expertise which Precise Cast has pioneered the way for many metal casting processes.


Our production team works directly with your product development team. We offer our casting design experience and knowledge to help you improve your design and make it more manufacturable. We then refine our manufacturing process for both cost and time effectiveness. Our team is proactive in problem-solving and takes pride in helping you find and fix design flaws before your products are cast.