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CNC Machining

Top-rated CNC Machine Shop offering rapid product turn time and delivery. We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service and knowledgeable-professional Engineers.


CNC Machining Services

3-,4-, and 5 axis machining. Our in-house CNC machine shop is equipped to handle your most complex parts.


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Here at Precise Cast, we wont pass your machining project off to another company and you wont be just another number in a rows and rows of machines. We provide in house CNC machining service ready to be calculated to your exact needs for your project.  Our skilled engineers and technicians will be easily accessible  for your questions. We make machining easy and fast! Delivering parts in 1-5 days. We want to be your #1 choice in CNC Machining.

Quick Turn Prototyping Machine Shop

We provide you with one-stop shopping for machined billet parts and non-ferrous castings requiring certifications, CMM reports, secondary coatings, component installation, component assembly, and more.


Our Fast Machining Services

 Equipped to handle all your machining needs. From prototype precision machining to low-volume production, Precise Cast is the best partner for quick turnaround machining. 


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4 axis CNC machining

5 axis CNC machining

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What is CNC Machining?

CNC Machine Shop

Unlike some machine shops, we won’t outsource your project. We oversee every detail from conception to completion. Trust your next CNC Machining project and experience what makes Precise Cast the #1 CNC Machine shop. 

  • Provide extremely rapid product delivery…typically 1-5 days for billet parts and 2-3 weeks for machined castings.

  • Deliver prototype and low-volume production quantities: typically (approx.) 1,000 pieces per month.

  • Perform CNC Machining of billet materials. We specialize in CNC machining aluminum, magnesium, and engineered plastics. However, we do machine many other materials.

  •  CNC machine – stamped and forged components.

  • Complex 3D surface geometries including impellers, turbines, and parts with drafted geometry

  • Prototype CNC machine parts designed to be either cast or injection molded.

  •  3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining.

  •  Machine parts with tolerances less than +/-.001”.


About Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering

In-house CNC machine shop that will machine your prototype aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings to your exact specifications.

At Precise Cast, our expert staff uses automation, counter-gravity casting technology, and the latest precision machining equipment. We continually monitor and refine our processes to produce quality parts quickly. Our program managers are professional manufacturing engineers with years of experience in metal casting, machining, and design engineering.

Consider us your off-site, remote staff. We understand and support Design for Manufacturing and Concurrent Engineering strategies. We have the expertise, equipment, and facilities needed to deliver your requirements and meet your deadlines.


CNC Machine Shop

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What our customers are saying!

“From first unit proof of concept to quick production multiple part deliveries Precise Cast continues to be a cut above project expectations, excellent in keeping a strong communication loop, very reliable in scheduled delivery dates, and above all a company that considers high quality a required deliverable.”
N.B., Senior Mechanical Engineer

“We have used Precise Cast for functional prototypes as well as marketing samples. Their consistent track record of a quick turn around time and high quality help us to get new products validated and to market faster.”
G.T., Mechanical Engineer

“Precise Cast has established themselves as a source that can consistently attain the lead time and quality level that I require. The knowledgeable staff and dependable service make them a business partner that I can depend on with our most important project needs.”
E.L., Mechanical Design Engineer