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Who We Are

CNC Machine company near Denver, Colorado, serving all of North America.

Our Promise – We won’t outsource your job.

Our in-house CNC machine services provide complete flexibility for your most complex parts.

From product design to your parts shipped – Everything you need in one place!

new product design

Our highly experienced engineers and can help design your product for cost-effectiveness and the best production material choices

Indexed 5-axis milling machines

5 axis refers to the directions in which the cutting tools can move. Having this type of cutting tool provides more options for complex geometries

Continuous 5-axis CNC Milling Machine

A game-changer in CNC machining. With this machine we get continuous machining of all three axes and the two rotational axes

3-axis, 4-axis Machining

Offering the most cost-effective machining processes for your projects

highly Customizable Machining with high tolerances

In-house machining based on your needs

Complex geometries

Our variations in machining allows us to machine even the most complex parts

Learn more about the benefits of CNC Machining and why it might be a good choice for your next project. 

How It Works


Your CNC Machined Project From Start to Finish

upload a cad file

To start, upload a file for review.


Design analysis


Our engineers will review the design for manufacturability and pricing.



Manufacturing starts once you have approved your order.

your parts shipped!

Your parts are on the way in 1-5 days!

Most Accurate Manufacturing Technologies

CNC machining provides the most accurate type of manufacturing, plus, these added benefits!

  • Cost-effectiveness with fewer set-ups
  • Greater capabilities from compound angle positioning
  • Multiple options for machined material
  • Rapid prototyping and quick cutting
cnc machining company
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Need Help?

Can’t decide which machining process is best for you? Need help selecting the best material for your project? Get a FAST and FREE manufacturability review and we will identify areas for improvement, cost-effectiveness, and best machining options

CNC machining company providing local and nationwide manufacturing

Watch this short video from “Concerning Reality” to learn more about how CNC Machines work.

What is CNC Machining?

Blog | February 16. 2021 |What is CNC Machining?

Learn more about the types of CNC machines and the services we offer at Precise Cast

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

But don’t just take our word for it

“..The knowledgeable staff and dependable service make them a business partner that I can depend on with our most important project needs.”

E.L., Mechanical Design Engineer

“From first unit proof of concept to quick production multiple part-deliveries Precise Cast continues to be a cut above project expectations, excellent in keeping a strong communication loop, very reliable in scheduled delivery dates, and above all a company that considers high quality a required deliverable.”

N.B., Senior Mechanical Engineer

“Their consistent track record of a quick turnaround time and high quality help us to get new products validated and to market faster.”

G.T., Mechanical Engineer

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CNC Machining Company

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