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 CNC Machining Services

Equipped with the latest in machine tool technology, Precise Cast is the best U.S. based CNC machining company for rapid prototyping and low volume production.

3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining

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Billet CNC Machined Parts

1-5 days for billet parts and 2-3 weeks for machined castings.

How Is It Done?

Get a fast quote for your project. Our expert CNC machinist will review your file and help you get started.

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CNC precision matching company near Denver, CO.

Our central location gives us nationwide reach with ease.

CNC Precision Machining Company

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with one-stop shopping for machined billet parts and non-ferrous castings requiring certifications, CMM reports, secondary coatings, component installation, component assembly, and more.


Customizable Machining with high tolerances


Deliver prototype and low-volume production quantities: typically to 5,000 per year.


Complex 3D surface geometries including impellers, turbines, and parts with drafted geometry.

CNC machining prototyping service
low volume manufacturing

Deliver prototype and low-volume production quantities: typically to 5,000 pcs per year.

CNC milling

Perform CNC Machining of billet materials. We specialize in CNC machining aluminum, magnesium, and engineered plastics, PLUS many other materials!

CNC Machine
Machine parts with tolerances less than +/-.001”.
Precision CNC Machine

Prototype CNC machine parts designed to be either cast or injection molded.

CNC Precision Machining Company

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CNC machining

 Added Value Services

sand casting process

Prototype Castings

At times we have found to save our customers money by using our metal casting services.

Learn more about this service.

Prototype manufacturing

Product Development

Work with our engineering team to maximize your parts for cost and manufacturability.

worker testing machined parts

Additional Services

Explore more of services and the benefits we can offer your company.