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Our Promise, we won’t outsource your parts. Our in-house CNC machine shop is equipped with the most modern advancements in machining.

You will work with our engineers directly. We offer 3-,-4- and 5 axis machining and are ready to handle all your most complex requirements.

What is CNC Machining?

3- axis machining

Most cost-effective machining options for basic geometric shapes and low volume production.

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4- axis machining

More options for complex pieces and parts. Our skilled CNC prototyping experts can answer any questions you have about which machining process is best for you.

What is CNC Machining?

5- axis machining

Continuous machining on 5 axes. Requiring less resetting and providing faster, uninterrupted machining.

CNC Prototypes

The Advantages over 3D printing

There are several advantages of CNC prototyping over  3D printing for your parts.

Material- CNC prototypes are made from solid materials using a subtraction process to produce the part. CNC prototypes can give you a more accurate depiction of the look and feel of the final part and can eventually be produced for injection molding.

Since CNC prototyping allows for use of a wide range of materials, you’re not limited to a specific type of material for your part.

Surface finishes – CNC machined prototypes can be made with high-quality surface finishes while 3D printing can leave line layers and imperfect finishes.

CNC prototyped can be finished to match the type of finished product you desire.

Machining built around your needs

3-, 4- and 5 axis machining available in our shop to handle basic to complex designs.

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Our Simple Process

Upload a CAD File

Our team can work with your product developers through this stage, correcting any design flaws prior to production.


Fast quote

We review your CAD model for design, martial, and cost-effectiveness, then send the quote back for approval.

Quote approved

Once you approve the quote, manufacturing starts!


Parts Shipped

Just like that.

Who We Are

Precise cast is an American CNC machining company that has been a lead supplier of CNC machined parts and CNC prototyping for almost 20 years.

We are a full-service CNC machine shop near Denver, CO, working with companies just like yours.

We offer low-volume production parts and CNC prototyping.  Get fast CNC prototype quotes



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Advantages working with

Precise Cast vs the other guys

Why work with a company that will outsource your CNC parts?

Cut out the middle man and work directly with Precise Cast.

Our responsive and customer-first focus has kept us a leader in our industry.  Keeping your project in-house from start to finish.

Plus! We are one of the only CNC prototyping companies that also offer a full-service foundry and can provide the options to cast your parts saving you more time and money. 

Precise Cast

In-house CNC machining

In-house design engineers

Work directly with Precise Cast from start to finish


U.S based

 In-house non-ferrous foundry which can at times be more cost-effective than machining. We look at all options to best suit your project.

Always fast

5-star service guarantee. Every part. Every time.

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In-house 3-,4- and 5- axis machines to match your needs for any type of project

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