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Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering

Published: 11 Jun, 2011

PreciseCast is a premium manufacturer of precision castings and machined prototype parts. 

PreciseCast utilizes both sand casting and plaster casting methods which are best suited for low volume production. These methods offer an alternative to die casting for short run production. We cast in Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc. PreciseCast was the 2011 Award of Excellence winner by the International Magnesium Association (IMA) for quality in design and manufacturing. We pride ourselves in exceptional products and provide many services, including in-house CMM quality inspections, heat treating and reverse engineering services.

PreciseCast features a high level of machining capabilities

We machine almost any material and can produce a finished product as quickly as overnight. We utilize high quality CNC equipment and have the capability, expertise and machinery to produce complex geometries.

PreciseCast is a highly experienced premium prototype part manufacturer

We can produce your prototype part quickly and designed to your specifications. Our low volume capabilities allow us to produce your part with an extremely fast turnaround time. PreciseCast has been serving America’s fortune 500 manufacturers since 2004 with the high level of quality and expertise you would expect from a premium US manufacturer.

If you are seeking a quality manufacturer to produce your aluminum prototype casting, magnesium prototype casting, zinc prototype casting or a custom machined prototype part, click here to learn more or jump to request a quote.