Casting Tolerances

Precise Cast Prototptype and Engineering

The specifications below should be used as general guidelines only. We can meet especially tight or critical tolerances.

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Master Pattern:
SLA: ±.005″ distances less than 5″; ±.0015″ per inch for each additional inch
Machined Patterns: ±.003″ distances less than 5″; ±.001″ per inch for each additional inch

Casting Dimensions (deviation from master pattern):
XY axis (length/width):±.005″ distances ≤1″; ±.002″ per inch for each additional inch
Z axis (height):Up to +.015″ distances ≤ 1″; ±.002″ per inch for each inch thereafter
Cores/Slides (inserts):±.015″ distances ≤1″; ±.002 “per inch for each inch thereafter
Location tolerance for mold inserts (cores – slides):±.015 or ±.5°

Maximum Part Size:
Distance in X or Y axis (length/width): 34″
Distance in Z axis (height): 20″
Maximum part mass: 30lb

Wall thickness of .020″ possible depending on geometry
Zero draft required on features
Undercuts possible
Multiple cores/slides
Geometry that is typically associated with investment casting can be produced

Mechanical Properties:
Tensile, Yield, Elongation – per the specified commercial and military specifications.
(AMS 2175 & AMSA21180)

Inspection / Reporting:
Full dimensional inspection capability
Mil Spec inspection
Certification and documentation as requested

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