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What is Low Volume Manufacturing?

Low volume manufacturing or low volume production means different things for different projects. For us here at Precise Cast, it usually translates into delivery quantities that are (usually) less than 1,000 per month.

Low-volume manufacturing services offer mass-production quality in smaller volumes. Some factors to consider for low-volume production can depend on the part’s size and its geometry.  Once 1,000 units a month is exceeded, it may be advisable to consider other processes that will be more cost-effective.

At Precise Cast, we are happy to discuss manufacturing options and find the best, most cost-effective solutions for your low-volume manufacturing needs.






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Low-volume Production 

Low-volume manufacturing services

Benefits of Low-volume Manufacturing

Lower Tooling Costs

Work with companies like us who specialize in low-volume production. This can help you save on traditional mass production tooling costs and companies that aren’t willing to produce in low-volume quantities.


  • Improving your cash flow
  • Shortening your time to production
  • Buying time for production tooling to be finished

Getting Products to Market Faster

Low-volume services can be a perfect step between prototyping and mass production. Getting your products to market faster than your competitors.


  • Improving your cash flow
  • Shortening your time to production

Low-Volume Casting

Low-volume metal castings are a cost-effective option to produce high-quality parts with a real feel and easy solution for complex geometries. Precise Cast is part of a small niche industry that specializes in low-volume castings.


  • Having a super-fast and responsive supplier that can supply your parts on-demand
  • No import costs or hassles
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Helping You Choose The Best Options

Our team of low-volume casting and machining experts is happy to help select the best low-volume manufacturing options for your parts. We work with your product developers to bring your designs from conception to completion. We also provide many services such as:

  • “Replacement” parts for parts that are no longer in production or are otherwise unavailable. These are often parts for repair or refurbishment.
  • They provide a “bridge” between the prototype phase and the high-volume production phase where parts will be manufactured using the production (hard) tooling. Some people refer to these as pre-production parts.
  • Low-volume production parts are parts made after the prototype phase. These parts ARE the production parts and hard tools are not paid for or required.

Need a low-volume production sample? We can offer metal casting samples for your casted parts. You will be able to see our true expertise and skills before committing to production.

For help in deciding what process you should pursue or questions about low-volume casting, please contact our low-volume manufacturing experts.

Low volume manufacturing

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