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Precise Cast Precision Machining

Precision Machining
We machine all materials, and specialize in producing parts with complex geometries. PreciseCast is a state-of-the-art machine shop equipped with the latest in machine tool technology. We provide prototype machining and low-volume production.

Machining Solutions and Capabilities:

  • Extremely rapid product delivery…typically 1-10 days
  • Prototype and low-volume production…1 to 1000 pcs
  • Complex 3D surface geometries including impellers, turbines, and drafted geometry
  • Highly experienced with parts designed to be die-cast or injection molded
  • Multi-axis/multiple set-up parts, tolerances less than +/-.001”
  • CNC Machining of parts designed to be either cast or injection molded
  • Certifications and compliance documentation
  • CNC Machining of billet
  • CNC Machining of cast and forge components one-stop-shopping – provide all outsource and assembly services

Software and Technology:

  • Solidworks 2015
  • MasterCAM X9, DelCAM 2015, GibbsCAM
  • Renishaw in-machine probing
  • Mori Seiki & Mazak Machine Tools

Project Management:

  • Up-front consultation with engineering and program management
  • Clear understanding of critical-to-function features
  • Proactive problem solving and communication throughout the process
  • Dedicated PM catering to the most demanding of Customers and requirements