Magnesium Casting – Precise Cast 2011 IMA Award Winner


President and CO- Owner

Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering

Published: 12 Apr, 2012

The International Magnesium Association awarded Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering with the 2011 Award of Excellence in the Cast Product Design/Commercial, Non-Automotive category. The award was given for the thin-walled, complex magnesium alloy vacuum cleaner head submitted by Precise Cast and produced for the Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner Combo lightweight upright vacuum.

This part was cast in magnesium, which is a third lighter than comparable Aluminum and makes this particular vacuum easier to maneuver with less fatigue on the user. Ultra light magnesium still exhibits high dent resistance and higher dampening ability than Aluminum which reduces the overall strain on the vacuum.

Multiple cross-section transitions were encompassed in this winning casting which was achieved by innovative process adaptations by skilled mold-makers at Precise Cast.

Click here to more about this AZ91D Magnesium Alloy part and award specifics.

Source: Issue 18, Winter 2010 International Magnesium Association Mg Showcase p.1