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magnesium castings
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Casting Magnesium 

Precise Cast is a leading magnesium casting manufacture serving major North American companies. We provide magnesium sand casting and plaster mold metal castings.

Our castings are used in many major components for top companies nationwide and we have been providing top-level service for over 20 years. Our large facility located near Denver, CO, gives us easy delivery options and the ability to cast your magnesium parts.

Benefits of Magnesium

In comparison of Magnesium to many other alloys, it is fact that is the lightest structural metal available. It is 75% lighter than steel, 50%  lighter than titanium, and  33% lighter than aluminum. Making magnesium a perfect option for lightweight parts and prototypes. 

Magnesium alloy castings provide excellent surface finishes and offer great recyclability benefits.

Strength of Magnesium Alloy

 while even though it is the lightest alloy, Magenizmun is stronger than many alloys including aluminum, steel, and copper. It is a better choice for casting for thin walls, complex shapes, or tighter tolerance than many other alloys. 

Even with thin walls, magnesium castings have virtually no loss of strength. This makes magnesium alloy a more popular alloy for aerospace, defense, and the automotive industry. 

At Precise Cast, we provide methods that are especially well suited to low-volume castings; plaster mold metal castings, and sand casting.



How to Cast Magnesium

At Precise Cast, magnesium casting manufacturing for low-volume parts is one of the services our company excels in.  Our skilled engineers go to great lengths to make sure your castings are done right the first time, every time, thereby saving your time and money. We work directly with you or your product developers to help select the most cost-effective solution for your parts. We offer free, no-obligation consultations and metal casting quotes

Our engineers take strict measures to finalize the dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes, and shrink rates of each casting. We also do FEA simulations to ensure your castings will have no “trouble spots” due to the casting process.

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