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Here at Precise Cast, we understand what it means to work with a responsive, efficient, and top-notch metal casting company.

Your project is our top priority the moment we receive your metal casting quote. Our team will review your part for any design flaws and enhancements prior to production, saving your time and money!


Metal Castings Services

Precise Cast specializes in aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings. Our metal casting company works with top companies nationwide. Our large and central facility near Denver, CO, gives us a powerful and fast nationwide reach. This means rapid parts for our customers and your products hitting the market sooner.

 Learn more about each type of alloy casting by clicking on the images below.

Designed With You In Mind

Looking for a partner in custom metal castings? look no further than Precise Cast. Our dedication to quality is a sorting factor that keeps us above the competition. We built this company around our customer’s needs and can transition your parts from design to prototype, to production in a short timeframe, getting your items to market faster.

With our attention to every detail of your part and knowledge of best metal casting practices, we are confident a partnership with Precise Cast will be the perfect match for your custom metal casting.

Our metal casting company focuses on Rapid Prototyping, Production Metal Castings, and Low Volume Manufacturing.

We are proud to offer superior Metal Casting services based in the U.S.A. offering years of experience and partnering with many top companies nationwide.

Metal Casting Company


“… their consistent track record of a quick turn around time and high quality help us to get new products validated and to market faster.”

G.T., Mechanical Engineer

Production Casting Processes

Our metal casting company uses 2 preferred methods when creating your parts. Learn more about Sand Mold Castings and Plaster Mold Metal Castings.

Sand Mold Casting

Plaster Mold Metal Casting

 Aluminum metal castings
 Aluminum metal castings

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Veteran owned – We are proud to serve the North American markets