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Precise Cast is a non-ferrous foundry near Denver, Colorado. Awarded Colorado Companies to Watch in 2013, we have pledged to provide our customers with the very best services in aluminum, zinc, and magnesium metal castings..

Local Metal Castings

Fast shipping and localized location make us a perfect business partner. Specializing in aluminum, zinc, and magnesium castings.

Design Assistance

We work closely with your mechanical engineering team to perfect your product design.

Machining of Metal Castings

 Local Denver CNC machining means we can provide full-service production of your complex parts and have them delivered FAST!

One-of-a-kind Tooling

If Precise Cast is providing your parts, we will produce more tools to make your parts at no additional cost to you!

We provide perpetual tooling for all our products and our customers never pay another tooling cost for worn-out tooling.

We are with you for the long haul

It is a signature trait of our foundry to consider your future needs, including your transition to die-cast production, and propose improvements in your product design that can make your transition to production much easier and less costly.

sand mold casting

Simple Proccess

Step 1 - Upload a CAD or similar file

Upload a CAD File – When you upload a CAD or similar file, our team can expedite your quote request and give the most accurate pricing and timelines.

Design analysis

Step 2- Quote and Review

Not only will you get our best pricing but our team will review your part for any design flaws, best alloy selection, and optimization for manufacturability.  Once you approve your quote, we are ready to start working on your part!

Step 3- Metal Casting Production

We use Sand mold and Plaster mold casting processes to create your complex parts. Our skilled engineers Our “air set” process yields a surface finish much smoother than any other sand casting process -typical surface roughness of Ra 250 – 500 µinch (Ra 6.3 – 12.5 µm). With our Fine Grain Air Set  Sand Castings we typical produce wall thickness of .150”-.500”.

Step 4 - Parts Shipped

Parts ship fast! We serve all of North America and are centrally located near Denver, Colorado.

Non- Ferrous Metal Castings

Metal Casting near Denver, Colorado

What Makes Us Unique

Unlike many foundries, we also have an in-house CNC machine shop that will machine your prototype aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings to your exact specifications. Additionally, we offer other post-casting operations like heat treat, dye penetrant testing, x-ray analysis, and the application of various protective coatings.

All this makes Precise Cast a one-stop shopping experience for you. And as a local metal casting company near Denver, we offer a central location for fast shipping nationwide. This results in less worry, as well as less confusion and less time spent getting your prototype aluminum castings to your dock on time.