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Manufacturing critical components and parts for many large companies in the North American Market.

Automotive prototyping and parts manufacturing

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Non-Ferrous Foundry and CNC Machine shop near Denver, Colorado

Our engineering and sales team will consult with your product designers or engineers to produce exceptional parts while keeping your cost in mind. 

Talk with our metal experts and engineering team and let’s get started on your project.

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Our Metal Casting Processes

Offering Rapid Prototype, Low-Volume Rubber Plaster Mold, or Sand Castings in as quickly as 5 days.

We strive to produce a perfect pour every time. Saving our customers time and money.

Rubber Plaster Mold vs Investment casting

Rubber Plaster Mold Castings

Our most popular casting method.  RPM castings use a rubber mold as the “die.” This type of casting is an exceptional alternative to permanent mold, investment, or die-casting providing almost identical results with a huge cost-saving advantage.

Match plate sand casting

Sand Castings

This is a great alternative to die casts and permanent mold castings. We can accomplish smooth surface finishes of Ra 120-220 similar to die cast results without heavy upfront cost.

Rubber Plaster Mold vs Investment casting

Rubber Plaster Mold

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How does sand casting work?

Sand Castings

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  Explore Our  Added Value Services

Product Development

Our experts in metal castings and CNC machining can help design your products and parts for cost efficiency and low-volume manufacturability.

Prototype Castings

Explore and learn more about metal castings for prototyping. Many of our customers use their prototype castings as production parts.

CNC machining

On-Demand Manufacturing

Low-volume manufacturing at your fingertips. We provided product design assistance, development assistance, prototyping, and production.

Heat Tempering

Let our experienced engineers recommend a specific Heat Treating process for your casting to ensure that your project is a success!

Rapid Prototyping and Low-volume Production

Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering has been serving companies for over 20 years. Our company was built for speed and quality for manufactured parts.

Metals We Specialise In

Aluminum | Magnesium | Zinc

Metal castings are a perfect choice for fast, efficient, and cost-effective rapid prototyping and low-volume production.

aluminum element chart


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magesium element


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zinc element


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aluminum auto parts

Quality Metal Castings and Machining 

Part geometry, quantities requirements, and turn-around are factors that determine the optimal process to be used to produce your part.

Our capabilities range from simple to complex part designs that are beyond the technical capability of most other prototype and low-volume production suppliers.

We metal cast and machine “real” prototypes, and because of the quality of our metal castings, most customers use our prototypes as their low-volume production parts.

Industries We Serve


Rapid Prototyping for Aviation


low volume manufacturing


Rapid prototyping for architecture


Rapid prototyping for medical devices


and many more!

Design analysis

Design Analysis

Our team reviews every CAD file. We check for any design flaws before producing your parts.

Design analysis

Quality Assurance

Quality castings and machined parts. We have a  dedicated quality control team assuring a perfect pour, every time. 

Design analysis

Parts Shipped Fast

Centrally located near Denver, Colorado, our location gives us fast nationwide reach.

gm prototype casting
cadillac prototypes
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gm prototype casting
cadillac prototypes

Trusted By Top Companies Nationwide

“… their consistent track record of a quick turnaround time and high quality help us to get new products validated and to market faster.”

G.T. Mechanical Engineer

northrop grumman prototype casting
john deere prototype casting

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