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Exceeding Our Customers Most Demanding Needs

Quality prototype aluminum castings 

Rapid prototyping doesn’t mean just 3D printing here at Precise Cast. Our rapid prototyping process encompasses many elements including aluminum prototype castings.

If your project demands dedication, iteration, and alteration, Precise Cast is your partner in prototyping.

Whether testing for strength, tolerances, or wall thickness, our team understands your prototyping needs.

Knowledgeable in the best casting techniques, alloys, and machining options, we are dedicated to exceeding your most demanding project requirements.

This dedication is what keeps Precise Cast a leader in prototype aluminum castings in all of the North American markets.

low-volume manufacturing

Real Metal Castings

We create real metal castings – not simulations- Feel the quality, functionality, and durability of our prototype casting.

Our prototype aluminum castings are well crafted using aluminum sand casting or plaster mold techniques.


Metals we specialize in

Aluminum | Zinc | Magenizum


Precise Cast helps many industries and companies with their metal casting needs.

We can provide automotive aluminum prototyping and low-volume production parts including aluminum engine blocks, cylinder head sand casting, and much more! We also work with the aviation and tech industry providing aluminum and magnesium parts for aerospace and medical devices.

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Automotive Prototying

Prototype Castings

Rapid Prototyping Aluminum

Your Designs Become Reality.

Engineering quick complex patterns to effectively test numerous iterations of your component or product.


CAD and FEA Analysis

Our dedication to quality aluminum sand castings starts with a proper CAD model and FEA analysis.

We work with your product developers to make sure all CAD or similar models meet mechanical stress, fluid flow, and many other simulations.

Learn more about our aluminum sand casting process here

CAD model

Prototype Aluminum Casting Pattern

Creating a master pattern for your aluminum sand casting will come from your CAD model. The cost to have a prototype aluminum casting made with our process is much more cost-effective than die casts- saving a huge upfront cost.

These patterns can be used to produce low-volume production parts of your prototype. Low-volume manufacturing for Precise Cast is 1,000 units a month.

Talk to our metal casting experts to get a prototype aluminum casting quote.

sand cast mold

Metal Cast Process

Upload a CAD file

Our team will check for design flaws and run a FEA analysis prior to pattern production.

Master Pattern

A pattern is created to establish the mold for the sand cast.

Sand Cast

After the pattern is inserted into the enclosure, we use our special fine grain sand to produce the pattern indentation.


Molten metal is poured into the mold and allowed to cool to the appropriate temperature fot optimal removal.

Final Cast

Machining is offered for stricter tolerances or complex shapes not achievable with casting.

Our Unique Approach to Sand Castings

Saving you time-

We offer exceptionally fast lead times compared to other foundries. 1-2 weeks or shorter!

Saving you money-

Because we use a unique type of fine-grain sand our metal castings produce a Ra surface of 120-22o, saving you costs on additional tooling or machining of your cast parts.

Match plate sand casting

Aluminum Prototype Castings For Many Industries

Prototype to Production

Because of our quality castings, many of our customers use their prototypes as their production parts.

As an added bonus, as long as Precise Cast is producing your parts you won’t pay for any worn-out tooling! 

Contact us today to get started on your prototype aluminum casting quote!