Author: Marzeyeh Hagaman

Author: Marzeyeh Hagaman

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Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering

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Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering is an American-based manufacturing company near Denver, Colorado. We focus on Rapid Prototyping and Low-volume manufacturing. We specialize in Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium castings and have an in-house CNC machine shop.

Published: 25 May, 2021

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Prototype Manufacturing

Prototype manufacturing

What is Prototype Manufacturing?

Prototype manufacturing is designing and manufacturing products close to the finalized part. Companies looking to build new products or working at product development will most likely start with prototype design and will need to work with prototype manufactures.

During this process, parts, material, and dimensions may change while the product is being developed. It will be important to work with manufacturing companies that can accommodate changes in prototype manufacturing and is an excellent strategy to help get your products to market faster while giving you flexibility with cost and design.

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Who Makes Prototypes?

Many different types of companies make prototypes. The most popular types of prototypes are metal casting prototypes, CNC machining prototypes, and 3D printing.

Here at Precise Cast, we are part of a small niche industry specializing in aluminum prototype manufacturing, Magnesium metal castings, and Zinc metal castings. We are also part of a larger group of prototyping companies offering CNC machining and 3d printing services.

Custom Prototype Manufacturing

Each type of prototype manufacturing process presents its own benefits based on your project needs. Working with responsive and experienced prototype manufacturing companies will help you maximize your prototype manufacturing for cost, efficiency and long-term manufacturing relationships.

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How Do You Manufacture a Prototype?

Most manufactured parts start as a concept sketch. This gives the basis of ideas to help engineers chart how a product can be designed and eventually manufactured.

Next, most prototype manufacturers can help move concept sketch parts into a virtual prototype. CAD or similar files can be constructed to build 3D models of how a part (or parts) should look and fit together. Most prototype manufacturing companies, like us here at Precise Cast, work with CAD models and your product developers to search for design flaws and parts optimizations prior to production. 

We offer complimentary design services to help new products and product developers reach maximum efficiency through the entire prototyping processes. We will also help select best material choices and prototype processes for each part.

Prototype Manufacturing

Prototyping Options

Metal prototype manufacturing– metal casted prototypes are a very popular prototyping choice for low volumes production parts. Metal prototype manufacturing at times can be even the most cost-effective solution for low-volume production parts.

Sometimes very small companies will try to metal cast at home for their prototype parts. This can be a fun and interesting way to learn about metal prototype manufacturing, but we highly suggest leaving the metal casting prototyping to the expert professionals who have all the tools needs to complete the projects.

At Precise Cast, we work with small to large businesses to create their metal cast parts. Our large facility near Denver, CO, produces metal cast parts for many major companies in North America like Lockheed Martin, John Deer, Tesla, SpaceX, and Ball.

The benefits of metal casting a prototype can give you the real-world feel and quality of a finished part.

Many of our clients will use their metal cast prototype as their finished part because of the fantastic quality we provide. Also, our metal prototype parts can be easily moved into low-volume production all under the same roof.

A service unique to Precise Cast, as long as we are producing your part, you won’t pay any extra tooling costs for any worn-out tooling in the future. This gives you a manufacturer who believes in your project for the long haul and knows you will be extremely satisfied with the quality of your metal cast parts.

There are several processes for metal casting. We specialize in Sand casting and plaster mold metal castings.

Learn more about metal casting processes and metal prototype manufacturing

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CNC Machining Prototype Service Manufacturing

Some companies will choose CNC machined prototypes for their projects. CNC machining is a subtractive type of process that removes layers of material by precision, billet, and mill CNC tools. Parts can be produced with 3, 4,  and 5 axis machining, all offering different axis and resetting options for prototype parts. When using a company like Precise Cast, we can even machine your metal cast parts right on site, making us a perfect partner for efficiency and cost.

3D printing prototypes. – 3D printing in an additive type of manufacturing. Were layers are added to achieve the dimensions and shapes of prototype parts. 3D printing is a good alternative to CNC machining and metal castings but doesn’t offer smooth finishes and may not be the best choice for low-volume production.

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American Prototyping Companies

There are many reasons to choose an American prototyping company for your project. From supporting local businesses to supporting job growth in the American manufacturing industry, using American manufacturing companies can help benefit your projects in many ways.  In this blog from Bryan Eagle, he explains a few various reasons to choose American prototyping when selecting a prototype manufacturer.

Another reason to choose American prototyping manufacturing is the direct relationship built with your manufacturer for ease of delivery. With our central location near Denver, Colorado we have nationwide reach and work with companies all over the North American market.

Selecting Your Prototype Manufacture

This is a crucial decision and one that could either make your product successful or drain you of time and money. If you are looking for a partner in Aluminum metal castings, Magnaimzum alloy castings, or Zinc alloy castings, Precise Cast is the best option.

We have been in the industry of metal casting for almost 30 years and have pioneered the way for many prototype manufacturers. Our unique skill keeps our foundry an important part of American Manufacturing and businesses much like yours. Our in-house Denver CNC machine shop also helps us provide a wide range of services to meet your most demanding needs. Speak with our prototyping manufacturer experts with our free, no-commitment consultation. Get started today!