Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping Isn’t Just 3D Printing; Explore Metal Castings and CNC Machining Options for Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

Although rapid prototyping is often associated with 3-D printing, it is not limited to this one technology. For non-ferrous metal parts, rapid prototyping now encompasses many manufacturing technologies that include 3-D printing, CNC machining, and various metal casting processes. So, if you’re looking for a quick turnaround on an aluminum, magnesium, or zinc prototype, consider a CNC machined part or a CNC machined casting produced by Precise Cast.



Metal Castings and Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

Let’s explore metal castings for rapid prototyping. Our company specializes in aluminum, magnesium, and zinc metal castings. Some benefits of Metal casting prototyping are:

1. Speed

2. Simplicity of complex structures

3. Choices of finishes

Most metal castings can be completed within 1-2 weeks. While more complex castings may need 3-5 weeks. Because metal castings are poured into molds, complex structures or difficult geometries can be more easily formed than 3D printing or CNC machining prototypes. Metal casts do not have finished surfaces but can easily be finished with a choice of coasting, paintings, or surface finishes. Here at Precise Cast, we are able to move your parts from production to surface finish and provide a complete service from start to end.

In this interesting and informative read from “ Weld Guru”, they explain the many processes of metal castings and have an interesting video on the sand casting method. Though on a larger scale, Precise Cast offers sand mold and plaster mold casting processes for many manufactured parts.

Precise cast is also one of the very few companies that understand metal castings. We have built our company for speed and efficiency of metal castings and can even finish you metal castings with our CNC machines.

Learn more about the benefits of metal castings or contact us if you have any questions.




CNC Machining and Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

CNC machining is also a great choice for rapid prototyping compared to 3D printing and has its own benefits. Some of those are:

1.Surface finish

2. Cost

3. Speed

CNC machines provide smooth surface finishes because it is a subtractive process of removing layers of material, as to where 3D printing is an additive process. This means it’s layering material and doesn’t provide a smooth finish.

CNC machining can provide a cost-effective alternative to 3D printing. Parts can be produced quicker with a CNC machine saving you time and money. Also, you have more variety in selection material compared to 3D printing.

 3-D Printing and Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

We do offer 3-D printing but we use it as a supplement to our rapid prototype casting process if needed.