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Benefits of CNC Machining

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Foundry Aluminum Castings

Metal Castings and CNC Machining- Rapid Prototyping Options 

Rapid Prototype Isn’t Just 3D Printing; Explore Casting and CNC Machining Options For Rapid Prototyping  Although rapid prototyping is often associated with 3-D printing, it is not limited to this one technology. For non-ferrous metal parts, rapid prototyping now…


CNC Machining. Benefits of CNC Machining 

Learn the various options for CNC Machining from Precise Cast Prototypes and Engineering. 


From first unit proof of concept to quick production multiple part-deliveries Precise Cast continues to be a cut above project expectations, excellent in keeping a strong communication loop, very reliable in scheduled delivery dates, and above all a company that considers high quality a required deliverable.

N.B., Senior Mechanical Engineer

We have used Precise Cast for functional prototypes as well as marketing samples. Their consistent track record of a quick turn around time and high quality help us to get new products validated and to market faster.

G.T., Mechanical Engineer

Precise Cast has established themselves as a source that can consistently attain the lead time and quality level that I require. The knowledgeable staff and dependable service make them a business partner that I can depend on with our most important project needs.

E.L., Mechanical Design Engineer


Frequent Questions


Does Precise Cast Help With Design Challenges?

Our Engineers have years of experience in helping businesses and projects just like yours achieve the most success with finding best-fit solutions for your needs. We look for design flaws before they happen and help build a strategy for cost-effectiveness and manufacturability. 


Does Precise Cast Ship Nationally?

We ship nationally, FAST! In fact, speed is one of the fundamentals this company was built on. We deliver nationwide in rapid turn-time. Getting first parts out in about 1-5 days!


Will Precise Cast Provide Casting Options?

Choosing a casting process best fit for your project is our #1 service! We discuss and find the best options for cost-effectiveness, rapid turn time, and manufacturability. From the moment we receive your request our team gets to work problem solving and engineering your project to excellence.  You can read more information about choosing a casting process by following this link. 


Can I Get More Information On Casting Tolerances?

The specifications below should be used as general guidelines only. We can meet especially tight or critical tolerances. Please contact us to discuss your specific application.

Master Pattern:
SLA: ±.005″ distances less than 5″; ±.0015″ per inch for each additional inch
Machined Patterns: ±.003″ distances less than 5″; ±.001″ per inch for each additional inch

Casting Dimensions (deviation from master pattern):
XY axis (length/width):±.005″ distances ≤1″; ±.002″ per inch for each additional inch
Z axis (height):Up to +.015″ distances ≤ 1″; ±.002″ per inch for each inch thereafter
Cores/Slides (inserts):±.015″ distances ≤1″; ±.002 “per inch for each inch thereafter
Location tolerance for mold inserts (cores – slides):±.015 or ±.5°

Maximum Part Size: Geometry dependent – Please contact us for your project. 

Wall thickness of .020″ possible depending on geometry
Zero draft required on features
Undercuts possible
Multiple cores/slides
Geometry that is typically associated with investment casting can be produced

Mechanical Properties:
Tensile, Yield, Elongation – per the specified commercial and military specifications.
(AMS 2175 & AMSA21180)

Inspection / Reporting:
Full dimensional inspection capability
Mil Spec inspection
Certification and documentation as requested