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Zinc Alloy is strong and stable. It has thermal conductivity properties, corrosion-resistant, and is recyclable. Because of these properties, Zinc castings can be great options for many metal casting needs. 


At Precise Cast, our skilled engineers go to great lengths to make sure your Zinc castings are done right the first time, thereby saving your time and money. Our engineers take strict measures to finalize the dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes, and shrink rates of each casting. We also do FEA simulations to ensure your castings will have no “trouble spots” due to the casting process.


It is a signature trait of our foundry to consider your future needs, including your transition to die-cast production and propose improvements in your product design that can make your transition to production much easier and less costly.

Many of our Customers use our “prototype” tooling for their production parts. We provide perpetual tooling for all our products. You will never have to pay another tooling cost for worn-out tooling. As long as Precise Cast is providing the parts, we will continue to produce more tools (as required) to make your parts at No Additional Cost to YOU!


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